Retargeting is a concept that can be incredibly successful in a world that relies on all things digital. Where customers previously only shopped for products in physical store locations, companies now have the opportunity to appeal again and again to the online viewer that didn’t find what they are looking for the first time.

Here at Times Media, we specialize in remarketing. We help you increase awareness of your brand, products, and services with retargeting strategies that are proven to work. We ensure that consumers are always aware of your brand in case they ever want to revisit your store to find what they need. As consumer browse the web to find the perfect products and services, our retargeting methods ensure that your business is a constant presence in their mind.

Why Does it Work?

Approximately 2% of consumers will actually make a purchase on their initial visit to a website. In today’s world, consumers spend large amounts of time thinking through their purchases before they make a final decision. They want to ensure that they are getting the best deal they can, and that they are buying the best product available.

With 98% of consumers surfing the web to find the perfect product, we place our remarketing efforts where they will get noticed. This keeps your site and products in the front of their mind as they complete the buying process. Your company may also choose to include special discounts that draw consumers in and encourage them to buy from your site.

Why Do You Need Retargeting?

Retargeting with Times Media offers many benefits to companies that want to build brand loyalty and bring customers back for their products time and time again.

We believe that a consumer is never a lost cause for your company, and we work to ensure that those customers are always aware of your brand. We track and segment visitors that don’t convert into sales, and formulate ads and offers that work best for that particular demographic. In this way, remarketing can also help us design your advertising plans for the future to reach those customers that really love your products.

Retargeting is a useful marketing strategy for any company that hopes to keep a strong online presence in e-commerce. Our services are designed to keep your company in the customer’s mind until a final decision is made.

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